by Donald Cantrell

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Delaying Discernments (14 of 14)
Series: Daniel
Donald Cantrell
Daniel 12:1-13

I - Terrible Tribulation is Recognized (1a)
II - Timely Truths are Reported (1b - 3)
III - Targeted Timeline is Registered (4 - 7)
IV - Troubling Thoughts are Resolved (8 - 13)

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline and sub-points.

Theme: ''Instructions to seal the prophecies until the end''

On Sunday April 16, 2000 in the ''B.C.'' comic strip, Johnny Hart devoted his theme to the prophecies of Daniel. In one box, the cavemen are told, ''We find old scroll in secret cave'' (a copy of Daniel was found as part of the Dead Sea scrolls, by the way).

In the next box they say, ''Man named Daniel predict exact day Jesus enter holy city.'' The cavemen ask, ''What Daniel?'' The two other men go ''ROAR!!!!!'' (like lions) And they say, ''Oh, THAT Daniel.'' Even the funny papers recognize the amazing prophecies of Daniel!

In the first chapter of Daniel we find a young teen that had been taken captive by the Babylonian Empire. Daniel and his three friends were displaced and detained in a foreign land. They were tested on numerous occasions and each time they passed with flying colors.

Then Daniel and his friends excelled into a higher plane of leadership and things snowballed throughout the remainder of the book. Daniel proved to be superior to any of the people that served on the kings courts. God would bless him with the ability to discern dreams and also to interpret them.

The three Hebrew friends of Daniel go off the biblical radar after Daniel chapter three but Daniel is really only rising to the surface thereafter. The young teen from Judah has now grown up into a full fledged prophet and he will serve numerous kings throughout his seventy plus years in the land of Babylon.

In this chapter we are winding down to the end of the world and Daniel is going to seal up the book but God will allow another generation to mightily glean insight from his wr ...

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