by Donald Cantrell

Father's Day Memories with Jephthah
Donald Cantrell
Judges 11:1-40

I - Jephthah and his Harsh Heritage (1 - 3)
II - Jephthah and his Helpful Hand (4 - 8)
III - Jephthah and his High Hopes (9 - 11)
IV - Jephthah and his Hopeless Haggling (12 - 28)
V - Jephthah and his Hasty Heart (29 - 31)
VI - Jephthah and his Heartbreaking Hour (32 - 35a)
VII - Jephthah and his Honorable Homage (35b - 40)

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''The man that refused to go back on his vows''


Promised to give a million Dollars

As the wealthy oil tycoon lay on his deathbed, his pastor talked of God's healing power. ''Pastor,'' he gasped, ''if God heals me, I'll give the church a million dollars.'' Miraculously, the man revived and within a few short weeks was out of the hospital.

One day, several months later, he and the pastor chatted on the sidewalk in front of a hardware store. ''You know,'' the pastor said, ''when you were in the hospital dying, you promised to give the church a million dollars if you got well. We haven't got it yet.''

''Did I say that?'' the tycoon asked. ''I guess that goes to show how sick I really was!''
Today in the Word, July, 1990, p. 34

A pastor went to visit some prospective members. It was a husband and wife and their son. At the beginning of the visit, it was a typical visit. They were getting to know each other, what they had done in their lives. Finally, the woman said, ''I can't stand it anymore. I've got to say something! My husband and son have not spoken to anybody in years! I don't even know how long it's been! They live in the same house, pass by each other in the same hall, eat at the same table, but they don't speak!''

The pastor turned to the man and said, ''Is this true?'' ''Yes, it is,'' he said. ''I made a vow that I would never speak to him the rest of my life and I intend to keep it! I'm a man of my word!'' The pastor asked, ''What was it that he ...

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