by Donald Cantrell

Craving Crumbs
Donald Cantrell
Mark 7:24-30

I - The Prominent Person (24)
II - The Problem Portrayed (25)
III - The Person Petitioning (26)
IV - The Predicament Proposed (27 - 28)
V - The Power Proclaimed (29 - 30)

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''Faith that can overcome mighty obstacles''


A widely respected man known as ''Uncle Johnson'' died in Michigan at the incredible age of 120. Perhaps his advanced years could be credited in part to the cheerful outlook that characterized his life.

One day while at work in his garden, he was singing songs of praise to God. His pastor, who was passing by, looked over the fence and called,

''Uncle Johnson, you seem very happy today.''

''Yes, I was just thinking,'' said the old man.

''Thinking about what?'' questioned his pastor.

''Oh, I was just thinking that if the crumbs of joy that fall from the Master's table in this world are so good, what will the great loaf in glory be like! I tell you, sir, there will be enough for everyone and some to spare up there.''
Source Unknown

If we are not nourished by the Bread from heaven, we will satiate ourselves with crumbs from the world.

God's Gift of Intervention Divine Miracles

Stalling for time

1985. A beautiful relaxing Saturday afternoon. Husband D and I were on our way home from the store in his 1982 Ford F150 truck that ran like a top.

We lived at 86th Avenue and Cactus in Peoria, Arizona. It was very rural at that time. The corner of 85th and Cactus had only a four way stop. Farm land!

Southbound on 85th, we stopped at the stop sign at Cactus. D pushed the gas, but the truck didn't move. More gas, the engine roared, the truck shuddered but would not budge.

Then a very large car, perhaps a Cadillac or Lincoln (remember how big they were then?), flew through the intersection in front of us from the right. It had to be ...

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