by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
I Thes. 2:14-16

This second chapter of I Thessalonians is one of
the warmest, most intimate of all of the chapters
which the Apostle Paul ever wrote. As you read these
verses you sense that Paul has a great feeling of
comfort and affection toward these believers.
Sometimes when you read the letters of Paul writing to
churches where there is controversy and where there is
great opposition, you will not find that he opens up
his heart and lays bear his feelings as he does in
this one. This had to be one of the favorite churches
of Paul and there seems to have been a very special
love and warmth and intimacy which he experienced with
these young Christians in Thessalonica.

I can somehow identify with Paul in these
particular statements and the warmth of this
particular chapter. The Lord has let me preach in a
lot of great places and I've been all over this
country preaching, but I don't feel as comfortable and
as warm any place on the earth as I do right here.
I'd rather just be preaching right here than anywhere
in the world. I feel like the Shulamite woman when
she said, "I dwell among my own people." When I get
here I'm with my own people and I can just share my
heart and I can feel reception on your part and I can
feel a warmth on your part. There is nothing on the
earth like a sweet fellowship of God's people who come
together around the Lord Jesus Christ in fellowship
with Him and who have a desire to know what He has to
say in His Word and have a burning desire to share
this Good news of the Gospel with the whole wide

So, it is something like Paul is experiencing
that you and I experience. It's kind of like Paul and
Timothy and his party are gathered around a table and
he is just laying bear his heart. He has talked in
this chapter about his mission. He has talked a
little about his m ...

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