RISE UP (4 OF 8)

by James Merritt

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Rise Up (4 of 8)
Series: Reel Grace
James Merritt
Romans 6:6-18


1. [Segway from the movie clip]

2. We are in a series that we are calling ''Reel Grace.'' The word ''reel'' is spelled with two ''e's,'' because the Book of Romans reads something like a movie. The director is Paul. The setting is the world. We are the supporting cast and the plot is thick with conflict and resolution and the hero is Jesus.

3. No other book in the Bible makes the case for grace more strongly or clearly than this book. So far, we have seen that we all need grace, because we are all sinners who have fallen short of God's grace. Not only should none of us want what we deserve, but we should be glad that we get what we don't deserve. Last week, we learned that we are all sinners, because we were born that way. We were born with a spiritual defect - a sinful nature that we inherited from Adam. The good news is that the damn of sin cannot hold back the flood of grace through Jesus Christ.

4. The problem of sin continues even after a person gives their life to Jesus Christ. Even though a person who trusts Christ is completely forgiven, totally justified, and exonerated from all sin, we still deal with sin. Temptation never goes away. Far too many Christians still live in spiritual defeat. There are so many followers of Christ who love Jesus and they want to obey Jesus, but there is some sin or sins they just can't seem to defeat. Even though we have been forgiven of our sin for some reason we can't seem to get free from our sin and we keep falling into the same sin trap over and over and over.

5. I was reading about a man named C.D. ''Big Boy'' Blalock of Louisiana State University. Back in the early 1930's he was a boxer. He was 6'6'' tall and a giant of a man. He was taking on this stocky short guy from Mississippi State.

6. He thought he would make short work of him. In the second round, Big Boy let loose with this round house right and when he did, ...

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