by James Merritt

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Family Privilege (6 of 8)
Series: Reel Grace
James Merritt
Romans 8:14-17


1. [Movie Clip/Script]

2. If you are just joining us we have been a series called ''Reel Grace.'' Reel is spelled with two ''e's'', because we have been in the Book of Romans and we have been saying the Book of Romans is really just like a movie. It has everything - a director whose name is Paul, a great setting (the world), a great plot line (grace), and a wonderful supporting cast (you and me). Not only does the movie depict what grace is, how grace works, and why we need it, but it perfectly describes the predicament of both the human race and followers of Jesus.

3. As a believer you have probably learned that once you become a Christian the old you is no longer the real you. You are a brand new you. Yet, here is where a lot of frustration sets in. Too often, the new you lives like the old you. Even though we have been forgiven from the penalty of our sin, we fail to realize that grace also gives you the ability to overcome the power of sin. We've discovered that Paul, himself, who was not only a Christian, but a magnificent Christian, still struggled with sin in his own life. There was a civil war going on in his soul. He found himself doing what he knew he shouldn't do and not doing what he knew he should do. This was all the more frustrating in light of what he has been teaching us and what we have been learning.

4. To summarize, the movie begins by telling us we are all born in sin, and slaves to sin, and because of our sin, we are under the wraith and judgment of God. At the cross Jesus paid the price for our freedom and took the pain of God's wraith and bore the penalty for our sin. Jesus did not die just to pay the penalty for our sin, but to deliver us from the power of sin. Here is what we all know and what Paul just taught us in a prior lesson. On your own you cannot live the Christian life and you were never meant to. That is what brings us to th ...

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