by Lenny Ports

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It's Time for a New Vision (1 of 4)
Series: A Fresh New Vision
Lenny Ports

Last week in our glorious Resurrection Sunday service, we talked about NEWNESS, how everyone loves new things, but those new things wear out only to start the cycle all over again of the desire for new things. It's another one of the enemy's empty promises that says the new car or the new house or the new spouse will make you happy, only to find out that they all get old too, but the newness that Christ brings into our lives is fresh, unused, unworn, unprecedented, uncommon, unheard of. The new life never gets old. Why? Because the new life IS ETERNAL LIFE!

The things of God never get stale. They don't need a warranty because they don't break down. Because of the resurrection, I can walk in this newness that never diminishes, fades, or fails. He is desiring to always pour out FRESH, NEW LIFE from heaven upon our finite existence. His mission is to take what the enemy destroyed and bring new life from the ashes. A brand new start, a brand new life, a brand new vision is available to all those who would put their faith in Christ.

We look out at all the blooms showing up on our trees and how the lawn looks so lusciously green and we love the newness of the season. Birds are chirping and the wind is warm. All this is obvious to our natural senses. But there is something happening in the supernatural realm too! God is doing something new and it is just starting to spring up! God wants us to know that He is always up to something fresh and new.


The first step into this new life is a clean slate. Christ came to forgive us of all of our sins. His suffering and death on the cross provides the way for us to be forgiven and back in right standing with the Father. We were all born in sin. In other words, we all inherited a rebellion against God where we want to reign supreme in the affairs of our lives and not be subject to another master. This way of selfish li ...

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