by Lenny Ports

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It’s Time to Seek the Lord (4 of 4)
Series: A Fresh New Vision
Lenny Ports
Isaiah 5:1-7

There are many of you here at Encounter Christian Church that are experiencing REVIVAL! I believe the Lord is saying that we are in a revival. God desires that the fire of revival burn in our hearts and that it grow from many of us to ALL OF US.

What is a revival? The webster dictionary states:

REVIVAL: the growth of something or an increase in the activity of something after a long period of no growth or activity. FURTHER DEFINITION calls Revival a period of renewed religious interest, or an often highly emotional evangelistic meeting or series of meetings (haha).

To me revival means to bring something back to life that was dead or dormant. So it is GOD BREATHING LIFE BACK INTO SOME THINGS IN OUR LIVES THAT WERE DEAD.

People are turning to the Lord and God is pouring out His love. He is saving, healing and delivering people. God wants a revival. There are some areas in all of our lives that need the very breath of God. Listen, every Sunday, our prayer is “God we have prayed, we have labored to get to this place, not God BREATHE upon this service. Reach people. Touch people. Move by Your Holy Spirit on the hearts of everyone here that they would experience and encounter You!,

But more than a REVIVAL, I believe God is looking for fruit that REMAINS. Why get excited about getting a touch from God if what He does in us doesn’t remain? God never calls for a revival just to have people fall back into their rebellion and draw back to perdition. No. He desires that our fruit would remain!


As I went to pray about today’s message, the Lord dropped three words in my spirit - a garden, a tower, and a fig tree. My first reaction was “wait…. what?” I knew that I had not read anything, seen anything, or heard anything regarding any of these words, so I decided to study it out. As I looked into the scriptures, I began to realize some things of what the L ...

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