by Jerry Vines

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Back to the Basics
Jerry Vines
I Thes. 5:1-11

I remind you that we are studying a letter which
Paul wrote to a group of young converts-- young
believers in the Lord who needed to be trained and
founded and grounded in the basics of the faith. The
great truth which emerges from these chapters in God's
Word is the great truth of the second coming of the
Lord Jesus Christ. At the conclusion of every one of
these five chapters there is a reference made to the
fact that Jesus Christ is going to come again. It is
this great theme we dealt with the last Wednesday
night on the matter of the return of the Lord as it
relates to born again believers. The rapture, the
Bible teaches, is that time when the Lord will come
and catch up all of His born again ones.

I had a call today from one of our members and
was not able to get back to the member. I try to
return all the calls but sometimes there isn't enough
time in the day to get it done. But the question was
asked, what about boys and girls when the rapture
occurs. Boys and girls who have not come to the point
where they understand their need for Christ. I just
want to assure you that when Jesus comes, all the boys
and girls who have never come to the point of
accountability are going to be caught up with us and
will meet the Lord in the air. You can be confident
of that because the Bible says the judge of all the
earth will do right. So, you can put your confidence
in the rightness and in the justice and in the love of
our God.

This matter of the second coming of the Lord
Jesus Christ is a truth that needs to be kept very
much in balance. There is a tendency sometimes for
people to get out of balance. I have heard my friend,
Warren Wiersbe, say on several occasions that the
extra beatitude is -- Blessed are the balanced. God's
people need to learn to stay in balance. There's a
tendency to g ...

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