by Donald Cantrell

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Daunting Descriptions with Daniel (13 of 14)
Series: Daniel
Donald Cantrell
Daniel 11:1-45

I - The Senseless Challenge of Ahasuerus (1 - 2)
II - The Swift Crumbling of Alexander (3 - 9)
III - The Several Campaigns of Antiochus III (10 - 20)
IV - The Seething Callousness of Antiochus IV Epiphanes (21 - 35)
V - The Strange Coming of Antichrist (36 - 45)

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.
Theme: ''The future described from Ahasuerus to the Antichrist''

Daniel chapter 11 is one of the most comprehensive and detailed prophesies found in the bible. I have tried to draw from numerous experts in producing this particular sermon. I see no need in trying to reinvent the details of this chapter since many great men have thoroughly detailed all of the events in this chapter. I have tried to give you a good outline with some personal commentary to help you in preaching or teaching this chapter.


25 Famous Predictions That Were Proven To Be Horribly Wrong

Here is a humorous list of predictions gone horribly wrong, very funny:

25 - Nuclear energy will never be attainable ''Albert Einstein - 1932''
24 - We don't like ''The Beatles'' sound ''Decca Recording - 1962''
23 - Telephones have too many shortcomings ''Western Union - 1876''
22 - Ronald Regan doesn't look Presidential ''United Artist - 1964''
21 - Rail travel is to fast, would kill people ''Dr. Lardner - 1830''
20 - World market may need 5 total computers ''Chairman IBM - 1943''
19 - X-rays will prove to be a hoax ''Lord Kelvin 1883''
18 - Edison's light recognized as a conspicuous failure ''Henry Morton 1880''
17 - Advised Henry Ford automobiles were a fad ''Bank President 1903''
16 - Television won't last; people will tire of it ''20th Century Fox Exec. 1946''
15 - No one will pay to ride a train, when horses are free ''King William 1 1864''
14 - No room for a personal computer in homes ''Ken Olsen 1977''
13 - Smoking only plays a mino ...

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