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Hallowed Be Your Name (1 of 7)
Series: The Lord's Prayer
Lenny Ports
Romans 13:12-14

God has given us a theme for the new year: GREATER THINGS IN 2016

Last week we talked about Consecration which means to separate ourselves from the noise and the normal routines of life and come away to be with your heavenly Father in prayer. It may include fasting if you so choose. Fasting will merely help you. It is not mandatory. It will help you be more spiritually sensitive and provide more opportunity for you to get alone with God.

What is Prayer? PRAYER means to be PREPARED. You might say PREPARED FOR WHAT?

''By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.''
- Benjamin Franklin
''I will prepare and some day my chance will come.''
- Abraham Lincoln

We must be in a place of preparedness for whatever may come our way and prayer makes us ready to face life, to overcome obstacles, to mortify the flesh, to see God in every aspect of your life, to be aware of the enemy's schemes. The prayer room is the strategy room. It is the war room. It is where we can experience the EXCHANGED LIFE:

What is the Exchanged Life?
When we come into our time of prayer, when we come into the secret place, when we come into the war room, it is there that we surrender what is ours to receive what is His. We exchange:

- our sin for His grace
- our flesh for His Spirit
- our pride for His humility
- our sorrow for His joy
- our confusion for His peace
- our weakness for His strength
- our inabilities for His abilities
- our limits for his limitlessness
- the ''I can't'' for the ''He can''
- the temporary for the eternal
- It is where we exchange who we are for who He is
- It is where we surrender our will to His will
- It is where we give up our plans and work with His plans
- It is where we stop trying to work things out our way and begin to do things His way

Every superhero must put on his superhero outfit in order to do his or her supernatural feats o ...

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