by James Merritt

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Straight Talk (2 of 4)
Series Magnetic
James Merritt
Acts 6:7


1. A famous book was written many years ago with the title, You Can't Go Home Again. The first time I saw that book, I thought to myself, ''Of course you can go home again - anytime you want to!'' Then I realized what that author meant.

2. Once you leave the place you call ''home,'' particularly if you are gone a good period of time, you can't go home again, because home is not the same. About a year ago, my oldest brother and I drove up to our home where we grew up in Hall County. We grew up in different places and as we went around the county and the towns where we grew up, it was not the same, because so much had changed - landmarks were gone, houses had been torn down, land cleared and buildings built. Even though on a map it was geographically the same place in almost every other way it wasn't. Things had changed.

3. Someone has said that the only permanent thing in life is change. Change is one of the things that has motivated this series we are in that we are calling ''Magnetic.'' If you were to go back 2000 years ago to the early church it would amaze you how much church as changed.

4. I want you to understand what I mean by the word ''church'', because some people associate the word ''church'' with ''religion'' and that is why more and more people will tell you they are ''spiritual'', but they don't have any use for ''organized'' religion meaning the ''church.'' Some people associate the word with a specific denomination, so when you mention church they think, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, or Lutheran.

5. Then many people associate the word ''church'' with a location. They think about a church building or what is traditionally called a ''sanctuary''. The amazing thing is although that word occurs over a hundred times in the New Testament it is never used in any one of those three ways. The word ''church'' literally means ''a gathering'' - sp ...

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