by James Merritt

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One Way Out (3 of 4)
Series: Out of Options
James Merritt
Exodus 12


1. My absolute favorite subject in school from the first grade until the time I finished college was American History. To this day, I am always reading some book on American History, because I believe our nation's founding and birth is not only one of the fascinating stories in all of history, but I believe our nation's founding has the fingerprints of the providence of God.

2. No nation in the history of this planet has a more fascinating history than the Nation of Israel. To give you the Readers Digest version, God called a man by the name of Abraham, who was somewhat of a pagan, living in a pagan country, to follow Him to a land he had never seen and leave the people he had always known. He then made a promise to Abraham that was so incredulous Abraham himself even laughed at God, which was to make of Abraham a great nation. It would be so great, that this nation would be a blessing to every other nation that would ever exist. What was funny at the time of this promise, Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were almost a hundred years old.

3. God kept His promise. Abraham had a son named Isaac. Isaac had a son named Jacob. Jacob had twelve sons who went on to become twelve tribes of people. One, of those sons, Joseph, is sold into slavery, by his eleven, jealous brothers. He is taken to Egypt where he becomes in the providence of God, the prime minister of the nation. Eventually, he brings all of his family to Egypt, all is forgiven and forgotten, but at this point there is still no nation of Israel.

4. He is the right hand man of Pharaoh and as long as they were both alive all is good, but they die. Eventually, another Pharaoh rises to power, who doesn't know Joseph, has never heard of Abraham, but the one thing he does know is that Joseph's family has multiplied like rabbits and there are now 600,000 men alone, not counting the women and the children. They are alarmed th ...

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