CATCH-22 (4 OF 4)

by James Merritt

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Catch-22 (4 of 4)
Series: Out of Options
James Merritt
Exodus 14


1. Have you ever faced a situation where you felt like you were just boxed in and there was no way out? You are coming to the end of the month, but you've already come to the end of your money? The rent is due and so is the electric bill. It appears as if there is no way out or perhaps you've applied for four different jobs and been rejected by all of them, and it appears there is no way in. Maybe, you feel like you are hopelessly hooked on drugs, or pornography, or alcohol or bitterness and you think there is no way through.

2. You are in what we call a ''predicament.'' It is amazing all the ways we use to describe these situations - ''up the creek without a paddle'', ''in a jam,'' or down south we say you are ''between a rock and a hard place.''

3. You are in the preverbal catch-22. It appears as if no matter what you do, which path you take, which decision you make, you are doomed. It is what we describe in a word as a predicament. It can be related to your job, to your marriage, to your kids, or something you are dealing with personally, but you are in a tight place and you see no way out. You are in a real predicament. The best definition of a predicament I have read is, ''A predicament occurs when an attorney specializes in suing doctors for medical malpractice and then finds himself in need of major surgery.'' Now that is a huge predicament!

4. We have been in a series that has really helped me personally that we have called, ''Out of Options.'' As you go through life you will find yourself in situations, sometimes of your own making and sometimes not, where it appears that you are totally out of options. What we have been saying this entire time is very simple. With God, you are never out of options.

5. Today, we are going to look at the greatest catch-22 perhaps anyone has ever faced in history. It is the most involved predicament the Nation of Israel w ...

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