by James Merritt

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Exceeding All Expectations (3 of 3)
Series: 3-D Christmas
James Merritt
Galatians 4:4-7


1. When you get married you really don't know exactly what to expect. That is especially true when you marry a young lady that you propose to on the second date and married six months after you met. I have to tell you that as I get ready in the next several months to celebrate my 40th anniversary, Teresa has exceeded all of my expectations. I knew I was getting a sweet, beautiful wife. I didn't know she would be such a wonderful fixer-upper, such a great money manager, such a wise interior decorator, a fantastic cook and I don't mind admitting at least in my house she is the commander and chief. The happiest times in my life are when I just follow her directions, but I am very sincere. She has not only been the girl of my dreams; she has been beyond my wildest dreams.

2. You multiple by infinity what I just said about Teresa and it is even more true of Jesus. My son, Jonathan, wrote a great book entitled, ''Jesus is Better Than You Imagined.'' It really is a great title of a great book, because Jesus has exceeded all expectations. That is really what we have been trying to say in this series that we have called ''3-D Christmas.'' I am up on Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year. My sweet mother loved Christmas right up to the day she died - almost 95 years old and I want to die the same way - excited about this time of the year! I do have one problem with Christmas, not Christmas itself, but how we see it.

3. We tend to look at Jesus in only one dimension. We see a baby in a manger - a little boy in a cradle. There are two equally dangerous things we can do with Jesus and we do it a lot. Except for one Sunday of the year called ''Easter'' we tend to leave Jesus on a cross. Then, we come to Christmas and we tend to leave Jesus in a cradle.

4. You can't just see Christmas in one dimension or even two. Christmas is in 3-D. The first dimensi ...

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