by James Merritt

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Out on a Limb (3 of 4)
Series: Stumped
James Merritt
Judges 21:25


1. When you think about life some big questions come to mind. For thousands of years, the greatest philosophers, teachers, and thinkers have universally said that there are four huge questions that we all struggle with. The question of origin, ''Who Am I?'' and ''How did I get here?'' There is the question of meaning, ''Why Am I Here? What is my purpose in life?''

2. There is the question of destiny - ''Where do I go after I die?'' We have been dealing with these questions in a series called, ''Stumped'' where we are attempting to cut life's biggest questions down to size. We are not using an axe, but a sword called ''The Bible.''

3. Today, we are going to deal with the third question which is the question of morality - ''What is right and what is wrong?'' How can I tell the difference between right and wrong and who decides what is right and wrong? Why do we feel we ought to do certain things and ought not to do other things and what does this ''ought'' come from?

4. The majority perspective in our country and for much of our world, today, is found in this statement by an atheist. This is what she said,
''I have been told that without God there can be no morals and that as an atheist I can have no morals. I disagree. I believe in love, hope, honor, loyalty, honesty, trust, respect, etc. Those things don't come from God. They come from within and from human interaction. If you need God to tell you what is wrong and what is right and you can't figure it out on your on, then you may be part of the problem.''

5. This atheist has indeed put the question squarely in front of us. Can you have objective morality without God? Believe it or not, there is a story in the Bible that tells us exactly what can and does happen when you take that approach and not only see it played out in this strange, weird story, but you see it played out every day, all over our nation and ...

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