by James Merritt

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Towel Off (3 of 4)
Series: Follow the Leader
James Merritt
John 13:1-17

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1. When President Ronald Reagan died, George H. W. Bush, who was his vice president during his administration was asked to give the eulogy. He told the story of how in 1981 Ronald Reagan was recovering from the gunshot wound that almost took his life during an assassination attempt. Just days after his surgery, one of his aides, walked into his room, to discover him on his hands and knees wiping water up from the floor. When the aide rushed over to him to ask what he was doing he said, ''I was worried that my nurse might get in trouble.''

2. That story perfectly illustrates one of the characteristics every follower of Jesus Christ ought to have. We are in a series we are calling ''Follow the Leader.'' We have said repeatedly that followers of Jesus are called to make followers of Jesus. Jesus leads and we follow, but if we follow His leadership He will lead us to lead others to follow Him.

3. If you have not heard the first two messages I would strongly encourage you to go to our website where you can watch them for free. You will see how we said that followers of Jesus first of all should see every person as an MVP (Most Valuable Person). Every person has a body, but every person is a soul and the most valuable thing in the world is a human soul.

4. Then, we said in the second week that you cannot lead people where they need to go until you connect with people where they are. We will never have the desire, nor the passion, to take the initiative, to build bridges to other people if we don't see people the way Jesus sees people.

5. It is not enough just to see people. It is not enough just to connect with people. One of the greatest lessons ever taught and pictured in all of the Gospels is the one we are going to look at today. [Turn to John 13] The reason this story is so incredible, so amazing, astounding, and astonishing is because it ...

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