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by James Merritt

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MVP (1 of 4)
Series: Follow the Leader
James Merritt
Mark 8:31-38


1. When I was a boy I used to play a kid's game called ''Follow the Leader.'' Back in the day, before high-tech trinkets and toys, X-boxes and videogames, kids actually played together. In this game a leader or ''the head of the line'' would be chosen. Then, the children would line up behind the leader. The leader would then move around and all the children had to mimic exactly what the leader did. If you failed to do what the leader did and quit following you were out of the game. When only one person other than the leader remained that player would then become the leader and the game would start all over again.

2. In a sense, that is really the game of Christianity except it is not a game, but life. The first thing Jesus ever said, the first disciples He ever made were these in Mark 1:17,

''Come, follow me, and I will send you out to fish for people.'' (Mark 1:17, NIV)
The first thing Jesus ever asked His disciples to do was ''follow me.'' The second thing Jesus asked His followers to do was to go find others and lead them to follow Him as well. Simply, Jesus wants followers of His to make followers of Him. The first thing He did in His own ministry was to turn 11 men into His followers. All He asks us to do is simply ''follow the leader.''

3. Today, we are going to begin a series of messages called, ''Follow The Leader.'' Though we are going to apply this very specifically to men and women who are business leaders, this series is actually for everyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus and every follower of Jesus is supposed to be making followers of Jesus. Just to help you practice, turn to your neighbor right now and say, ''Jesus wants you to follow Him.''

4. There is a reason why Jesus began His ministry by calling people to follow Him and then commanding them to make others followers of Him. To learn why [Turn to Mark 8]. When you read Mark's gospel you ...

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