by James Merritt

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Series: Going Viral
James Merritt
Joshua 1:1-9


1. If you are into any social media at all you have heard this phrase a million times: ''going viral.'' But you may not know exactly what that means so let me simplify it. When something goes ''viral'' it simply means it is viewed by a very high number of people in just a short period of time. The number of views it takes to be considered ''going viral'' can vary. Sometimes having thousands of views means it went viral. In other situations, you might not hit viral until you have had a million viewers.

2. By definition ''viral'' comes from the word ''virus'' which is a medical term that describes a small infectious agent that can infect all types of organisms. A virus can quickly spread from person to person. We have all learned the hard way that a computer virus can spread rapidly with dreaded results. So ''going viral'' simply means something has spread rapidly among many people.

3. Just about anything can go viral, a photograph, an article, a quote, a tweet, an idea, an argument, and even a coupon or an event.

4. The reason people want to go viral is because that means a lot of exposure, tons of traffic without really costing you money or much effort. For business, it can mean more sales, and for a leader it can mean more influence. It can open all kinds of doors and give you all kinds of opportunities to get your name out or to deliver a message.

5. Today, we are going to start a new series that we are calling, ''Going Viral.'' We are going to study the top four Bible verses that went viral in the last year. The most popular Bible app is called, ''YouVersion.'' Let's use this and read our Bible with it. At the end of every year it gives a report on the number of Bible verses that were shared and which ones were the most popular. These are the verses that were the most bookmarked, highlighted, and shared. We are going to deal with them in reverse order a ...

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