by James Merritt

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Don't Tempt Me (2 of 4)
Series: Going Viral
James Merritt
Matthew 6:13


1. [Viral Video Bumper]. It is called ''going viral.'' It can be brilliant, stupid, good, or bad, but if something goes viral it will be anything, but boring.

2. We are in a series of messages we are calling, ''Going Viral.'' When something becomes wildly popular it gets shared by many people in a very short period of time. Like a virus, it spreads rapidly from person-to-person. In other words it ''goes viral.''

3. Most all of us who have a smart phone have a Bible App called ''YouVersion'' which is used by millions of people around the world and last year over 70 million Bible verses were shared. We have taken the top four Bible verses in order to study them, not only for what they say, but for why they may have gone viral to begin with.

4. If you missed last week's message you can pick up a copy in our Resource Center or go online and watch it. The fourth most shared Bible verse was Joshua 1:9 which has to do with God's way to succeed. The third most shared verse was a big surprise to me. I would have never seen this one coming. It is a verse that is found in the Gospel of Matthew [Turn to Matthew 6]. When we read this verse, it probably will become apparent why this verse made the top four.
''And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.'' (Matthew 6:13, ESV)

5. As I think about it, maybe it is easy to understand why this would be a very popular verse. There is one thing everyone on this planet deals with whether you are a believer in Jesus Christ or not and that is temptation. I love what the great playwright, Oscar Wilde said, ''I can resist almost anything except temptation.''

6. On the one hand, the fact that this is included in the Lord's Prayer tells us that learning how to deal with temptation on a daily basis is crucial to being everything that God wants us to be. This sentence tells us something we forget quite often and that is ...

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