by James Merritt

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Off Ramp - Easter (1 of 4)
Series: Overwhelmed
James Merritt
I John 1:3-10


1. I want to tell you something about me not to elicit your sympathy, but your empathy. I have a life that is both fulfilled and filled full. We pastors have a saying, ''Sunday's coming.'' In other words, we have to constantly be thinking about, praying about, working on, and preparing messages. In addition, there are tons of emails to answer, phone calls to return, a church to lead, people to meet, counsel to give, and in my case, as many others, books to write and speaking engagements not to mention, being a husband, a grandfather and serving on a few advisory boards.

2. There is a feeling that I battle more often than not. Sometimes it is worse than others and at certain times it is almost unbearable. It is the feeling of being ''overwhelmed.'' I know I am not the only one that gets that feeling or has that feeling. Have you ever felt like you just don't have enough life to give what life demands? You don't have enough time, money, energy or brainpower to pull off what you need to pull off. There is not enough of you to go around.

3. Or maybe your problem isn't professionally related, but personally related. You are discouraged. You face a situation that appears to be hopeless. You are angry or bitter, because of a wrong that has been done to you in the past. Maybe you are on a guilt trip and you don't see an exit anywhere.

4. On this Easter Sunday, we are beginning a series called ''Overwhelmed.'' You may wonder what does an empty tomb and the resurrection have to do with being overwhelmed? Go back two thousand years and think about what was going on last night before the resurrection.

5. The disciples were overwhelmed. They were overwhelmed with guilt. They had run out on Jesus. Jesus was always there for them when they need Him, but the one time He needed them they scattered like chickens in a barnyard.

6. They were overwhelmed with worry. They ...

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