by James Merritt

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Life Lift (4 of 4)
Series: Overwhelmed
James Merritt
I Kings 19


1. Different people face different emotional battles. Some people have a problem with jealously. Other people have a problem with anger. Some people have a problem with bitterness. Some people have a problem with anxiety. I want to confess to you today that the biggest problem I have faced in my life and in my ministry is discouragement. If you ever come to my home you will know that in my basement I have a Georgia room.

2. Now, contrary to what some people think I do not consider it the holy of holies, but I do believe that everytime I walk into the room I am standing on holy ground (just kidding!). For the most part, there has been a lot of love and life and laughter in that room, but I never go down there that I don't stand at the pool table, look out the window and think about the most discouraged I have ever been.

3. It was a cold, wet, damp, rainy day in February of 2003. I was becoming a man without a church. On the one hand, the church that I had pastored for almost 18 years and loved dearly was beginning to recede in my rearview mirror. I had decided to plant a new church. There were certain people that literally came out of the woodwork and began to cause all kinds of trouble simply because I was trying to do the will of God.

4. There are people here today who will tell you they were a part of that. It got pretty ugly - false accusations were thrown around, some very ugly things were said, and the primary problem was not that I had done anything wrong, it was that the people were hurt and upset that I had chosen to leave rather than to stay.

5. My future had never been more uncertain. I was leaving a well-established church with a well-established position and a certain future, to come to a situation without a clue of how many might come with me, how many might come after me, and whether or not I could pull it off. I will never forget that feeling in my ...

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