by James Merritt

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How the Other Half Lives (3 of 5)
Series: Otherwise
James Merritt
Hebrews 13:5-6


1. From the moment that we are born we immediately start a business. We are the sole owner of that business and we alone are responsible for its profit or its loss. That business is called ''life.''

2. Yes, life is like a business. A business wants to maximize profits and minimize losses. In life, you want to maximize results and minimize regrets. As you look back on your life you will find that almost every regret resulted from not making a wise decision in one of three areas:
How we allocate our Time
How we manage our money
How we handle Temptation

3. We misuse time. We let the urgent dominate the important. We put off until tomorrow what we should do today and we miss some golden opportunities.

4. We mismanage money. We spend too much, save too little and give hardly anything to God's work and to the needs of others.

5. We mishandle temptation. We do the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong situation and wind up in jail, divorce court, the hospital or sitting alone in a darkened room totally depressed because we made a foolish decision.

6. As you get older you realize that the business of life doesn't last forever. In fact, its shelf life is relatively short and every year is precious and that is why we are beginning this year with this series we are calling ''Otherwise.'' You can only run the business of your life one of two ways - the way you think is best and the way God says is best. When you dare to live otherwise, by running the business of your life wisely, you'll live smarter, make better decisions, maximize results, and minimize regrets.

7. Perhaps nothing affects your relationship to God, your family, your friends, and your own personal happiness more than money. That probably explains why God has so much to say about money, because there are over 2,350 verses on how to handle it and use it.

8. Money is like nitrogl ...

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