by Jerry Vines

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Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I John 1:5-2:2

John certainly does have his nerve, doesn't he?
The very idea of him talking the way he is talking in
these verses. Here we sit this morning. We've had
our weekly bath, whether we need it or not. We have
on our best clothes and we are looking good. And
John, of all things, brings up a very unpleasant
subject. He brings up a subject that has pretty well
been airbrushed out of the vocabularies of our day. He
brings up a word today that is not considered to be
spiritually correct to mention in dignified
congregations. The very nerve of him talking about
something that you and I really don't want to hear
about because it could damage our self-esteem. John
has the nerve in these verses we are looking at to
talk about the subject of sin. How dare he talk about
sin to a congregation in the 1990s. Not only does he
talk about, but he gets rather obnoxious about it. I
read 8 verses and 9 times in those 8 verses John talks
about the subject of sin.

Of course, sin is still around, isn't it? The
wife sleeps around with the young studs at the office.
Sin is still around. A father, in the middle of the
night, slips into his daughters bedroom and he
sexually abuses her. Sin is still around us, isn't it?
A boss blows his top and curses out the folks who are
working for him. Sin is still around in the 90s, isn't
it? A young person gets somebody's answer and puts it
down on their examination paper. Sin is still around
in our day. Sin. It is the witch that turns men into
swine. Sin. It is the poison in the air which causes
us to be clogged spiritually. Sin. It is the cancer
in the body which saps us of our strength.

John talks about sin and we look at what he has
to say about it because sin is still with us today.
Not only is he rather embarrassing and obnoxious by
bringing up the subject of ...

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