by James Merritt

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Series: Christmas Really?
James Merritt
Colossians 1:15-20


1. Last week we began a series that we are calling ''Christmas Really?'' Do you really believe in Christmas? If you think about it, it really is a wonder that there even is a holiday called ''Christmas.''

2. He never spoke at any one time to more than a few thousand people, but today, 32% of the world's population, 2.2 billion people, call Him their Lord. Many who don't, still celebrate the holiday that bears His name.

3. His ministry only lasted three years and He never traveled more than 30 miles from where He was born and in His entire ministry never left His own country. Yet, today, He is talked about, taught about, and preached about on radio, television, and the Internet. Though He never wrote one word in a book, more books have been published about Him than any other figure in human history.

4. Contrary to that beer commercial, He is the most interesting man in the world and the most amazing man who has ever lived. A king named Herod could not kill Him. The devil himself could not seduce Him. Death could not destroy Him and the grave could not hold Him. At least that is what those of us who really believe in Christmas really believe.

5. That belief is what causes both Christmas and the Christ of Christmas to also be a source of great controversy and debate. Christmas is not about when this baby was born. We talked last week about what an amazing time that was. It is not about where He was born (in that little town called Bethlehem.) What Christmas is really about is who Jesus was.

6. Everybody has his or her own version of Jesus. He was a good teacher and the highest form of mankind. He was one of many gods. He was a very high angel. He was a great prophet. To any normal human being those would be tremendous compliments of honor.

7. The problem is all of those opinions miss who Jesus really was, because if you take all those things and e ...

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