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A Dream of Freedom (1 of 4)
Series: The Mysteries of Egypt
Jeff Strite
Genesis 37:1-11

OPEN: A lot of important things can happen to a person while they sleep. For example:
1. Genesis 2:21 tells of someone who had surgery performed on him while he slept.
Who was that? (Adam)
2. Genesis 28:11-15 tells of a man who slept at Bethel and dreamed about angels.
Who was that? (Jacob)
3. Genesis 15:12-16 tells us someone spoke to Abram while he was in a deep sleep. Who spoke to Abram? (God. He ''cut'' a covenant with Abram promising son and reassured Abram of his promises)
4. One of the books of the prophets speaks of a man who slept in the bottom of a ship as it rolled in a storm. Who was that? (Jonah)
5. Judges 16 tells of a man who slept through a haircut. (Samson)

Like I said, a lot of important things can happen to a person while they sleep. But in the Bible, one of the most important things that happened to someone - while they slept - was that God often gave them dreams.

Here in Genesis 37 we have the story of God giving Joseph 2 dreams with one basic message:
Joseph would someday become a great man.

But Joseph's dreams also told him about two other things
#1 The dreams were from God. This meant: this was something God would make happen.
#2 Joseph's dreams would influence more than just himself. They would also affect his brothers and parents.

You see, Joseph's dreams were only PARTLY about Joseph.
The dreams were a promise from God that Joseph was going to be used by God.
Joseph was part of a larger plan.

Through Joseph, God was going to bring the people of Israel down into Egypt, and in Egypt…
· The people of Israel would be isolated from the influences of other nations and religions in a part of Egypt called ''the land of Goshen'' because the Israelites were sheepherders and the Egyptians were vegetarians. The Egyptians really didn't want much to do with them socially - but because of Joseph they were kind toward his desc ...

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