by Jeff Strite

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God Was with Him (2 of 4)
Series: The Mysteries of Egypt
Jeff Strite
Genesis 39:1-23

OPEN: When I was taking my kids home from King's Island (an amusement park in southern Ohio) yesterday we were listening to a Country Music station that was playing a popular song by a group named ''Ricochet''.

The song told the story of a man who was sitting in church when he noticed a young woman he'd grown up with - and she was looking at HIM. In the chorus he told of all her qualities that made her appealing to him:

''She's got her daddy's money, her momma's good looks.
More laughs than a stack of comic books.
A wild imagination, a college education.
Add it all up it's a deadly combination.
She's a good bass fisher. A dynomite kisser.
Country as a turnip green.
She's got her daddy's money. Her momma's good looks, and look who's looking at me!''

It's a cute song.
But what caught my attention was that the singer was describing a woman most people would consider successful in this world. She had all the advantages any person could want: money, looks, education… and obvious good taste.

There are people in this world who look at this kind of person and they get a little jealous. They think to themselves: ''If only I could have THEIR advantages. If only I had their family, their money, their education - I could be accomplish great things with my life.''

Several years ago, there was a famous study done by Victor and Mildred Goertzel, entitled ''Cradles of Eminence'' where they examined the backgrounds of 300 highly successful people.
People like:
· Winston Churchill,
· Franklin D. Roosevelt
· Helen Keller
· Albert Schweitzer
· Clara Barton
· Gandhi
· Einstein,
· and Freud.

Among the things they studied were how these prominent individuals grew up. And what they found was surprising:
* They discovered that 3/4s of the children endured poverty, or broken homes, or were raised by parents who rejected them, were over possessive, or dominating. ...

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