by Johnny Hunt

The Great White Throne Judgement
Dr. Johnny Hunt
Revelation 20:11-15

INTRODUCTION: One of the clever plays utilized by Satan is to convince man that an all-loving God would never cast anyone into a ''lake of fire'' and thereby contradict His loving nature. To make such an assumption is to ignore the clear teachings of both the Old and New Testaments. Consistent with His Holy and just character, He will apply a full measure of judgement.

On July 8, 1741, Jonathan Edwards preached his famous sermon ''Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.'' Edwards held the manuscript so close to his face that the congregation was unable to see his expression as he read every word. The people, so terrified by his words, gripped the backs of the pews, feeling that the ground below was about to open and swallow them into hell. One man rushed down the aisle crying, ''Mr. Edwards, have mercy!''

NOTE: It's called ''great white throne.'' 11

''Great'' - because of the rank and dignity of the Judge, the size and extent of the judgement, the vast number of people throughout world history who will be judged, and the fact that it will seal the eternal destiny of unbelievers.

''White'' - because it displays and emphasizes the infinite purity and righteousness of Christ, who is the Holy Judge.

''Throne'' - because Jesus Christ sits in sovereign majesty, using His authority to consign the wicked to eternal damnation.

Satan has been very effective to persuade mankind for centuries that there is no future punishment, no final accounting before God. That lie is now fully exposed. God is Holy and cannot compromise His standards. He is just and requires that sin must be dealt with.

When will this happen?

Christ will return for His church/bride. There will be the Judgement Seat of Christ for believers, The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and then the end will come and the Final Judgement of unbelievers.


A. The Infinite 11

''Him w ...

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