by Donald Cantrell

The Brook, the Barrel, and the Boy
Donald Cantrell
1 Kings 17:1-24

I - The Babbling Brook (1 - 7)
''Faith that is Easy''

II - The Bottomless Barrel (8 - 16)
''Faith that is Expanding''

III - The Breathless Boy (17 - 24)
''Faith that is Extreme''

This sermon has a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''Lessons on how to expand one's faith''


Faith That Sends the Wind

When Hudson Taylor went to China, he made the voyage on a sailing vessel. As it neared the channel between the southern Malay Peninsula and the island of Sumatra, the missionary heard an urgent knock on his stateroom door. He opened it, and there stood the captain of the ship. ''Mr. Taylor,'' he said, ''we have no wind. We are drifting toward an island where the people are heathen, and I fear they are cannibals.''

''What can I do?'' asked Taylor. ''I understand that you believe in God. I want you to pray for wind.'' ''All right, Captain, I will, but you must set the sail.'' ''Why that's ridiculous! There's not even the slightest breeze. Besides, the sailors will think I'm crazy.'' But finally, because of Taylor's insistence, he agreed. Forty- five minutes later he returned and found the missionary still on his knees. ''You can stop praying now,'' said the captain. ''We've got more wind than we know what to do with!''

Faith That Believes

My husband, Ron, once taught a class of mentally impaired teenagers. Looking at his students' capabilities rather than their limitations, Ron got them to play chess, restore furniture and repair electrical appliances. Most important, he taught them to believe in themselves. Young Bobby soon proved how well he had learned that last lesson. One day he brought in a broken toaster to repair. He carried the toaster tucked under one arm, and a half-loaf of bread under the other.
Edna Butterfield

Faith and Obedience ''The Two Sided Coin''

The Bible recognizes no faith that does not lead to obedience, no ...

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