by Christopher Harbin

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Nineteenth Day after Pentecost:
Series: Pentecost Devotional
Christopher Harbin
Numbers 15:11-16

''If you are a native Israelite, you must obey these rules each time you offer a bull, a ram, or a goat as a sacrifice. And the foreigners who live among you must also follow these rules. This law will never change. I am Yahweh, and I consider all people the same, whether they are Israelites or foreigners living among you.''' Numbers 15:11-16

We so like to avoid books like Leviticus and Numbers. One is seemingly too full of rules and regulations. The other of numbers and genealogies. Then we come upon passages like this one that throw our expectations out the window.


Twentieth Day after Pentecost:
Series: Pentecost Devotional
Christopher Harbin
Matthew 10:42

''And anyone who gives one of my most humble followers a cup of cool water, just because that person is my follower, will surely be rewarded.'' Matthew 10:42

Jesus' imagery of a cup of cold water sometimes leads us astray. It is not that Jesus messed up with his message. It is that we are so prone to distort his words and lead others in missing the point.
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