by Jerry Vines

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Does God Answer Prayer? (18 of 20)
Series: Things worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
1 John 5:14-15

Evidently the American people believe in prayer. A recent poll taken by the National Opinion Research Center in Chicago discovered these rather interesting facts. They discovered that 60% of the American people pray at least one time every day. They also discovered that 78% of the American people pray at least one time a week. They also found that only 1% of Americans say that they never pray. So, we are living in a land where people believe in prayer. Whatever may be their view of prayer, whatever their understanding of the subject of prayer, the majority of people in America do believe and practice prayer.

The great question is - does God answer prayer? Is there any reason to pray. Job said in his book - what profit should we have if we should pray unto him? Does God answer prayer?

These two verses are verses that have to do with prayer, and they are in the context of this book of I John which is a book about knowing some things - some things worth knowing. All through this book, we have that little word ''know.'' In these two verses I have read, in verse 15, ''and if we know.'' He is talking about something we can know in prayer.

Notice in verse 14 that he begins by saying, ''and this is the confidence that we have in him.'' It is the word that means freedom of speech. It is a word that means to be at ease in the presence of God. Boldness is one of the words that's used also. The Bible uses it here in chapter 4, verse 17. ''...We may have boldness in the day of judgment...'' Confidence in the Day of Judgment.

Now, he uses the word in the relation to prayer. We can have confidence in prayer. What is it that gives us confidence in prayer? How can we be confident? How can we come into the presence of God with full assurance and boldness in the matter of prayer? We do it when we can believe that God answers prayer.

Of course, you and I know how very ...

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