by Donald Cantrell

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Describing Details with Daniel (9 of 14)
Series: Daniel
Donald Cantrell
Daniel 7:1-28

I - The Symbolic Animals (1 - 8)
A) The Historic Setting of this Vision (1)
B) The Geographic Specifics of this Vision (2)
C) The Prophetic Symbols of this Vision (3 - 8)

II - The Supreme Almighty (9 - 14)
A) The Person Magnified (9)
B) The People Specified (10)
C) The Powers Nullified (11 - 12)
D) The Preeminence Glorified (13 - 14)

III - The Sure Answer (15 - 28)
A) The Anguish Displayed (15 - 16)
B) The Answer Delivered (17 - 28)
C) The Alarming Diagnosis (28)

This sermon has a fully alliterated outline with many more points and sub-points. It is an exhaustive study of Daniel chapter 7.

Theme: ''The most detailed prophecy in the Old Testament''


WHILE the likes of NASA are continuously working out how to protect us from catastrophes such as asteroids and our planet running out of resources, there are some things that no one will ever be able to protect us from - the end of the universe.

Some predictions say that the universe and everything we know will cease to exist in 22 billion years, but other scientists argue that it has entered its old age and has just 2.8 billion years remaining, meaning that it is in the final eighth of its lifetime.

However, one thing that most scientists do agree on is that the universe will eventually die. But another topic of debate coupled with the when is the how, with several theories thrown about regarding the universe's inevitable end.

The Big Rip

Perhaps the most common theory is that the universe will eventually tear itself apart.

The Big Crunch and the Big Bounce

Rather than expanding into nothingness, some quarters believe that dark energy may become weaker or less in volume over time, allowing gravity to win the battle.

Heat Death

Much like the Big Rip, the Heat Death, otherwise known as The Big Freeze, theory suggests that the universe will continue to expand, b ...

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