by Jerry Vines

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Hope/End Times
Jerry Vines
II Thessalonians 2:1-3

This is one of the most important chapters in the
whole Bible. It may not appear that way to you when
you first read it, but as you go back to it and look
at it really is one of the most important chapters.
I'm going to try to take my time and try to deal with
the issues which are raised for us in these verses.

There is a lot going on today that can shake
believers, but these verses encourage us not to be
shook up.

One of the most important truths to teach young
believers is the truth of the second coming of the
Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that Jesus came
2,000 years ago to put away sin by the sacrifice of
Himself and is going to one day come again, without
sin, unto salvation, and catch God's people up to meet
Him in the air. The overall theme of the second
coming of the Lord is a stabilizing, encouraging truth
and young Christians need to have this truth in their
minds and in their hearts.

Paul has taught these believers in Thessalonica,
who were young believers, the truth of the coming of
the Lord Jesus. In I Thes. there are five chapters
and each one of those chapters conclude with the
reference to the coming again of Jesus. So, they have
been taught that Jesus is going to come. Notice that
Paul does not set any dates whatsoever in this matter
of the coming of the Lord. Date setters are often
upsetters. The purpose of the teaching of the second
coming is not to make us calendar watchers, but rather
it is to build character and cause us to be witnesses
to the lost, telling them of the saving grace of the
Lord Jesus Christ.

There are several aspects that fit together in
the mosaic of the truth of the coming of the Lord
Jesus Christ. There are several pieces that come
together that give you the total picture of all that
is involved in the coming of our Lord. In verse 1 it

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