by Jim Perdue

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Reach Out (6 of 7)
Series: The Contender - Jude
Jim Perdue
Jude 22-23


We continue our Wednesday night series through the NT book of Jude. Our series is entitled, The Contender as we walk through this NT book. And tonight, we come to verses 22-23 as we think about the subject, Reach Out. READ TEXT

*What would you do if you saw someone drowning? Would you stop for a moment and try to analyze the reason they're drown? Would you take some time to calculate how long it would take them to drown? Would you put a committee together to study the depth, temperature, and chemical composition of the water? Would you scold the person for falling into the water in the first place? Would you stand by, and watch them drown because you were reading a book on how to be a lifeguard? Or…would you do something? Would you reach out? Would you dive in? Would you do whatever you could to rescue them?*

Look around you. People are drowning everywhere. They are buying in to the lies of this world and the lies of the enemy. They are sinking in sin, selfishness, and sorrow.

We take time to analyze why, study the problem, read some books, and scold the people. But what we should do more than anything is reach out to them. No one is beyond hope because no one is beyond the reach of God's gracious arm.

Jude has continually warned us that false teachers will come. In fact, he has told us that false teachers are already here. And as faithful Christians, what should be our attitude toward those who fall to the lies of false teaching?

We shouldn't just view them as our enemies. Those who pose the greatest threat to the church also constitute part of its mission field. Not only are believers responsible to identify and oppose the enemy and his error; they are also commanded to reach out to them.

What should be the attitude of the growing Christian toward those who are being influenced by false teaching? Jude describes three types of people that are dro ...

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