by Jim Perdue

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The Real Celebrity (7 of 7)
Series: The Contender - Jude
Jim Perdue
Jude 24-25


Tonight, we conclude our Wednesday night series through the NT book of Jude. Our series has been entitled, The Contender as we have walked through every verse in this NT book. Tonight, we come to the final two verses, 24-45 as we think about the subject, The Real Celebrity. READ TEXT

*There are a lot of celebrities these days. Singers, movie stars, athletes, reality TV stars - there are all sorts of famous people. I mean, who in here doesn't want to meet Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty?!?! You know what a celebrity is, right? Someone who is too famous for their own good. Think of athletes who grow up with nothing, and all of the sudden, they have more money than they ever imagined. They don't know what to do with it. It brings problems. Have you ever noticed that they don't know how to handle fame? How can you tell? When a football player scores a touchdown, he has to do his little silly dance in the end zone. When a baseball player hits a homerun he has to stand at home plate and watch it sail, then drop the back with fanfare and drama. When a NASCAR driver wins the race, he has to do donuts in the infield and burn rubber on the track. When a soccer player scores a goal, he puts his arms out like an airplane begins to run across the field he's lost his mind. When I boxer knocks out his opponent, he stands over him exerting his domination and strength - or, he just says something like, ''I am the greatest!''*

What do all of these have in common? Famous people, celebrities, getting lots of attention and wanting more. They want glory, fame, popularity, praise. They can never have enough.

But did you know there is really only one who is worthy of glory, fame, and praise? Some folks get a little too big for their britches. Some folks exaggerate their importance. But did you know that it's impossible to exaggerate the importance of Almighty God. He's the real ...

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