by Jim Perdue

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God at Work (2 of 6)
Series: Origins
Jim Perdue
Genesis 1:2-2:3

Last week we began our series entitled ''Origins.'' We're doing an in depth study on Genesis 1-3. I'd like to encourage you to bring your Bible each week and make sure to have a pen handy as you take notes on the sheet provided for you in your worship program or even in the margin and white space of your Bible.

*My hope is that you treat the Bible as a textbook for life. Of course, we know it's much more than a textbook, but it's true that it contains everything we need for ''life and godliness.'' So read it! Study it! Mark it up and learn all you can from it. There's a test called ''the Christian life'' out there that we all need to pass.*

*Today we're going to talk about creation. This is one of those things that we're just supposed to know. It's one of the key numbers in the Bible. Like these quick questions that we're all supposed to know the answers to: How many books in the Bible? 66. How many commandments? 10. How many days did it rain while Noah was in the ark? 40. How many plagues on the Egyptians when Moses keeps telling Pharaoh, ''let my people go''? 10. Ok, how many days of creation? 6 or 7. I'll take either answer. Although God DID rest on the 7th day!*

*Recently, our family traveled south on I-75 for a couple of hours on our way to the Valdosta area. I notice when traveling in that direction that there is a long stretch of interstate that is under construction. There are cones, orange barrels, lane shifts, and concrete everywhere! There are ''Men at Work'' signs along the side of the road. I don't know about you, but it seems that most of the time when I see those signs, there's no one working. Why put a sign up that says they're working if they're really not? It's different with God; there are no yellow signs along the highway of life, but He is always at work. However, there are signs in His Word, in His church, in the world and in our lives. We see God at work in powe ...

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