by Jim Perdue

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God's Plan for the Family (4 of 6)
Series: Origins
Jim Perdue
Genesis 2:4-25

*If I say the word ''paradise'' what do you think of? A sandy beach with clear skies and the hot sun beating down on you? A nice cool mountain stream with the sound of the forest animals and trees all around you? A freezing cold Colorado afternoon with a perfect powdered base of snow for all-day skiing? What is paradise to you?

Is it to live debt free?

To have a million dollars?

To get your kids grown up and gone?

To own a brand new car of your choosing?

To quit work and be free to do whatever you want?*

All these things, while they are nice, don't make life paradise. Genesis 2:4-25 describe a paradise that really did exist on the earth. It's a paradise called the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve enjoyed a wonderful life. It was a place of extreme beauty, uncorrupted by sin. But today, we know that they forfeited their place in paradise and we live with those consequences still.

But there are several things in this passage that show us how we can experience a kind of paradise here on this earth. Paradise is not a life of ease and luxury where every one of our wishes is granted. Paradise in this world is more an attitude of peace and contentment toward God and an understanding that we are right with Him and we are right with our fellow man.

We see several principles in this passage that translate very well to our lives and culture today. And even though the perfect paradise has been lost, we can understand that we can still have peace in this life through a relationship with God and relationships with one another. We see how God provided for mans physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs.

In this text, we see God's Plan for the Family. Remember, these first three chapters of Genesis are absolutely foundational and fundamental to our understanding of the world. And this chapter, in particular, is essential in understanding the family. READ 4 ...

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