by Jim Perdue

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Paradise Lost (6 of 6)
Series: Origins
Jim Perdue
Genesis 3:8-24

*I learned very early in life that there were consequences for my choices. For example, I found out the hard way that there were consequences for sin in my home. There were three things that my parents absolutely would not put up with. And we didn't have to guess what those were; they told us. One was lying. Another was disrespect. And the last was trying to cause division between my parents. If I made the choice to break any of those rules then I knew what the consequence would be. There was no ''time-out,'' no ''go to your room and think about what you've done,'' I never ''sat in the corner and thought about how my actions hurt my parents' feelings.'' I learned very early that breaking the rules meant paying the price. These days, parents let the kids rule the roost and we've got a messed up society because of it. If you have a kid that runs the show you can bet that one day you're going to have some big problems on your hands.*

In Genesis 3, God's children rebelled. They disobeyed. They chose to sin. And you and I have been paying the price ever since. Last week we saw in Genesis 3:1-7 that Adam and Eve decided to leave God behind and disobey His commands. Here in Genesis 3:8-24 we see the consequences of sin. Last week we learned about ''The Fall,'' when mankind fell from sinless perfection into sinful degradation; and this week we will learn about ''The Curse,'' where man experiences the consequences of his sin. READ 8-19

Through the story of Genesis 3, we see the results and consequences of man's disobedience and disregard for God: ultimately leading to Paradise Lost.

The story begins with confrontation: 8-11


The Bible describes in verses 8-11 the initial confrontation following Adam and Eve's sin. Verse 8 begins by telling us that ''they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day…'' The implication of this verse is that this ...

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