by Jim Perdue

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Five Words That Can Change Your Life: Empowered (2 of 5)
Series: Five Words
Jim Perdue
Romans 8:9-11

Tonight, we continue our series entitled Five Words That Can Change Your Life. This series will cover the entire month of May and it focuses on one of my favorite chapters in the entire Bible, Romans 8.

This chapter is significant in many ways.

It is significant theologically- this chapter helps us grapple with some of the deepest theological issues of our day - election, predestination, and foreknowledge.

It is significant emotionally- this chapter encourages our hearts - we discover that nothing can separate us from God's great, everlasting love.

It is significant practically- this chapter reminds us how we are to live - not according to our fleshly desire but according to the Spirit who indwell us.

It is significant spiritually- this chapter teaches us our incredible position in Christ - we are now made righteous in God's sight because we have been identified with Christ through salvation.

It is significant eternally- this chapter gives us an eternal perspective - suffering, pain and heartache are to be viewed with heaven in mind.

Our series is entitled Five Words That Can Change Your Life. And we'll focus on five words that provide five themes for this chapter: freed (1-8), empowered (9-13), adopted (14-17), transformed (18-30), and loved (31-38).

Tonight, we will talk about the word, Empowered. The dictionary defines this word like this: to give power or authority to; authorize, especially by legal means; to enable or permit. I want you to know that through Christ's death upon the cross and the indwelling power of the Spirit of God, Christians are empowered by God.

*Just this past week something interesting happened at home while I was at work. We have a trampoline with the big net around it so no one falls off and dies. It's good, but it gets messy up there sometimes. So, Stephanie decided she was going to clean the tramp ...

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