by Jim Perdue

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Five Words That Can Change Your Life: Transformed (4 of 5)
Series: Five Words
Jim Perdue
Romans 8:18-30

*A caterpillar is ugly, slow, slimy, and it takes all day to go two feet, but when it undergoes the process of metamorphosis and the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, something beautiful is born. Metamorphosis is the process of something at work on the inside trying to show up on the outside. There's only one reason a butterfly can fly: its wings are strengthened by the work it does to break through the cocoon. If a bystander were to slit open a cocoon prior to the butterfly breaking itself loose from the cocoon, it wouldn't fly. Its wings are developed through the struggle. No struggle, no flight. Every Christian is a butterfly waiting to happen. A saint may feel like a caterpillar or even think they look like a caterpillar, but the idea is to work out their salvation in the midst of adversity because God is at work within them to do His good pleasure.* (Tony Evans)

We're in a series in Romans 8 on Wednesday nights entitled Five Words That Can Change Your Life. We'll focus on five words that provide five themes for this chapter: freed (1-8), empowered (9-11), adopted (12-17), transformed (18-30), and loved (31-38).

Tonight, we will talk about the word, Transformed from Romans 8:18-30. When Jesus Christ takes up residence in your life, you cannot and will not be the same. Your life will be radically changed, transformed.

One of the best ways to know that you are truly a child of God is by asking the question, ''Has my life been transformed?'' Hear me clearly, you may be able to ''turn over a new leaf'' without God. You might can make some improvements, additions and renovations. But when you come to Christ, there is an internal transformation that cannot be denied! And you need to understand, if you say you've met God and have never experienced transformation either God is a liar or you are…and I'm betting it's you.

*I was talking to one of my ...

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