by Jim Perdue

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Five Words That Can Change Your Life: Loved (5 of 5)
Series: Five Words
Jim Perdue
Romans 8:31-38

*My kids ask all sorts of questions! I don't mean your simple questions like, ''Where do babies come from?'' Or, ''What happened to the dinosaurs?'' I mean very difficult theological questions. Like, ''Is Jesus taller than Goliath?'' ''What is God's number minus seven equal?'' ''Can God pick up our house?'' ''Can Jesus run faster than our car?'' ''If Jesus is God and He always existed isn't He older than Methuselah? Then why did He die when He was 33 years old? And how can you say that Methuselah is the oldest man who ever lived?'' Now, I have a doctoral degree which means I ought to know a few things about the Bible. But I have no idea how to answer their questions!*

Here in these last few verses of Romans 8, Paul asks a lot of questions! I count at least seven questions in this chapter. The difference is, Paul answers the questions!

You know, there are a few questions that we all might want God to answer: God, why did you make gnats? Will the Falcons ever win the Super Bowl? Can you tell me what my wife is thinking right now? Why do you let stupid people live so long? But one question you should never have to ask: God, do you really love me? He has already answered that question profoundly, completely and finally.

The theme of God's unfailing love is woven throughout the entire Bible. It is written on every page and every line. And in Romans 8:31-39 we see one of the most profound passages in the Bible regarding God's love. READ TEXT

We conclude our series in Romans 8 entitled Five Words That Can Change Your Life. We'll focus on five words that provide five themes for this chapter: freed (1-8), empowered (9-11), adopted (12-17), transformed (18-30), and loved (31-39).

Tonight, we will talk about the word, Loved from Romans 8:31-39. There should never be any doubt about God's love for you. As Christians, we are secure in the love of Christ. ...

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