by Donald Cantrell

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Defeating Deceptions with Daniel (8 of 14)
Series: Daniel
Donald Cantrell
Daniel 6:1-28

I - The Deceptive Decree (1 - 9)
A) Daniel's Lofty Appointment (1 - 2)
B) Daniel's Lovely Assets (3)
C) Daniel's Looming Adversaries (4 - 9)
II - The Dynamic Devotion (10 - 17)
III - The Dramatic Delivery (18 - 28)

This sermon has a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''A lesson on the mighty keeping power of God''


The Danger of Deception

Being mysteriously transferred millions of dollars sounds great, until you learn you can't keep it.

Perhaps there's a loaded great-aunt from Slovakia and you're the only heir? Maybe a billionaire accidentally transferred their pocket money to you, instead of a dubious offshore bank account?

Unfortunately, it is more likely that it is a bank's mistake and authorities will chase you down for it, no matter where you run.

Take a 21-year-old woman from Sydney, Australia, who was stopped by Australian Federal Police at the city's international airport Wednesday evening, who was boarding a flight to Malaysia.

Police allege the woman was wrongly transferred A$4.6 million (US $3.44 million) to her bank account when she was just a teenager in 2012, and she had failed to return it. A warrant for her arrest was issued in March, following an investigation by Australian police in the state of New South Wales.

She was handed over to police and charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception, and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime. In other words, they allege she has been having a pretty sweet four years.

However, a judge said Thursday she may have not broken the law, according to Fairfax Media. Westpac Bank gave her an ''unlimited overdraw facility'', which she used to a total of A$4.6 million on handbags, luxury items and transfers.

''She didn't take it from them. They gave it to her,'' magistrate Lisa Stapleton said, which would mean that she would ...

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