by Jim Perdue

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A Word of Forgiveness (1 of 7)
Series: Famous Last Words
Jim Perdue
Luke 23:32-34


This morning we begin a brand new sermon series entitled, Famous Last Words. There were seven words that Jesus spoke, or seven profound statements that He made as He hung upon the cross. The first of those is found in Luke 23:32-34 READ TEXT -- PRAY

At the center of human history stands a cross. The world tries to ignore it, Christians try to downplay it, but there's really no way to deny it. The cross is the centerpiece of time. It literally divides history between BC and AD. As Christ hung upon the cross, suspended between time and space, between earth and heaven, He carried the sin of the world upon His shoulders. This is the most basic teaching of Christianity - Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins.

*Death by crucifixion was death by suffocation. Although the spikes driven through the hands and feet, the cat-of-nine-tails that ripped his flesh, the nails that pieced his hands and feet, the thorns upon his forehead were all incredibly painful, these were not designed to bring a person to his immediate death. They were really designed to humiliate and torture the prisoner. The cross humiliated its victims. The procedure, with all of its torture, ended with the victim naked, with no rights, no reputation, and no recourse. Death actually came when the one being crucified could no longer breathe. While spikes had been pounded through Jesus' hands and feet, there was as small step at the base of the cross whereby our Lord could push Himself up to get a much-needed breath. While breathing was incredibly difficult, speaking was even more so. When the mob arrived at the hill called Golgotha, the cross was laid on the ground and He was lowered on top of it. Surrounded by jeering taunts, weakened by the loss of blood, His lips were moving. What was He trying to say? Was He groaning with pain? Did He mumble words of self-pity? Did He curse those who c ...

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