by Jerry Vines

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Fight for the Faith! (1 of 7)
Series: Apostate Files
Jerry Vines
Jude 1-4

Turn to the next to the last book in the Bible. The book of The Revelation is the concluding book, and right before that is the little book of Jude. I have been looking forward to the opportunity to study this book for a few weeks on Wednesday nights before we go into our series on the Life and Times of David. It's just one brief chapter --25 verses -- and they are power packed. They are verses that have a tremendous message for us. Look at the first four verses.

The Bible teaches that for the believer the great anticipation is the return of our Savior from heaven. This is the blessed hope of God's children that one day the Lord Jesus will return. The book of The Revelation sets before us this tremendous truth of our Lord's return, and right before the Revelation is this little book of Jude.

Characteristic of the days just before the Lord comes are several things the Bible tells us about. For instant in II Timothy 3:1-5 it says that in the last days perilous times shall come. The moral atmosphere of those last days will be characterized by immorality and gross sin.

Another one of the characteristics given to us is in I Timothy 4:1 where it says, "Now the Spirit (Holy Spirit) speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils." So, there is a prediction made here that before the Lord Jesus returns there will be a period of time when there will be a departure or a falling away from the faith.

You may recall in II Thessalonians 2, that great chapter of prophecy about the end times, Paul specifically says that the Lord will not return until there be a falling away first. The word translated, falling away, and the verb translated, depart from the faith, (I Timothy 4:l) are basically the same words. They are the words from which we get our English word, apostasy. Sometime ...

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