by Jim Perdue

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A Word of Compassion (3 of 7)
Series: Famous Last Words
Jim Perdue
John 19:25-27


This morning we continue our series entitled, Famous Last Words. There were seven words that Jesus spoke, or seven profound statements that He made as He hung upon the cross. We have seen that Jesus spoke A Word of Forgiveness when He said, ''Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.'' We have seen that Jesus spoke A Word of Salvation when He said, ''Today, you will be with Me in paradise.'' And today, we see that Jesus speaks A Word of Compassion in John 19:25-27 READ TEXT - PRAY

*Peggy Noonan, speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, relates a story about Frances Green, an eighty-three-year old woman who lived by herself on Social Security in a town just outside San Francisco. She had little money, but for eight years she'd been sending one dollar a year to the Republican National Convention. ??Then one day Frances got an RNC fund-raising letter in the mail, a beautiful piece on thick, cream-colored paper with black-and-gold lettering. It invited the recipient to come to the White House to meet President Ronald Reagan. She never noticed the little RSVP card that suggested a positive reply needed to be accompanied by a generous donation. She thought she'd been invited because they appreciated her dollar-a-year support. ??Frances scraped up every cent she had and took a four-day train ride across America. Unable to afford a sleeper, she slept sitting up in coach. Finally she arrived at the White House gate: a little elderly woman with white hair, white powder all over her face, white stockings, an old hat with white netting, and an all-white dress, now yellow with age. When she got up to the guard at the gate and gave her name, however, the man frowned, glanced over his official list, and told her that her name wasn't there. She couldn't go in. Frances Green was heartbroken. ??A Ford Motor Company executive who was standing in line behind her watche ...

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