by Jim Perdue

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A Word of Suffering (5 of 7)
Series: Famous Last Words
Jim Perdue
John 19:28-29


Jesus made seven statements in the final hours before His death. These statements are commonly known as the Seven Sayings of Christ from the Cross. We've been examining each of these statements in depth in a series we've titled Famous Last Words. These words that Christ spoke upon the cross were His final words on earth prior to the resurrection. Today, we come to the fifth statement of Christ found in John 19:28-29 and we see that Jesus speaks A Word of Suffering. READ TEXT - PRAY

*I love playing ball. I guess I always have. In fact, my parents told me that my first word as a baby was not ''mama'' or ''dada'' - it was ''ball.'' As far back as I can remember I have always been involved in sports - mostly football and baseball. When I was in High School at Houston County High, I played football and baseball. I was the quarterback of the football team and I was a pitcher and a catcher on the baseball team - not at the same time. I was an athlete, I worked out everyday and I practiced regularly with my team. I thought I was in shape. Until I decided to join the wrestling team. Nothing could have prepared me fore what I experienced. Wrestling is far and away the most challenging physical activity I have ever engaged in. During practice, the coach would have us run in the halls of the school. He would blow the whistle and we would sprint, blow the whistle and jog again. As we went down the hall and came back, there was no opportunity to rest. We would do crunches, push-ups, or frog jumps until we had to run again. You would think that with a practice like this, I would be prepared for my first wrestling match. But that just wasn't the case. My first wrestling match with the full six minutes. Six minutes doesn't sound like a very long time, but when you're wrestling it seems like an eternity. I remember at the end of that match gasping for air, my lungs were burn ...

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