by Jim Perdue

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A Word of Victory (6 of 7)
Series: Famous Last Words
Jim Perdue
John 19:30


This is our sixth week in a series entitled Famous Last Words. We have focused on the statements that Jesus made while dying upon the cross. These were His last words before His death and His final words prior to His miraculous resurrection. Today, we look at John 19:30 as we see that Jesus speaks A Word of Victory. READ TEXT - PRAY

The sixth word of Christ from the cross is really a cry of victory. We have seen Him cry in agony and abandonment, in suffering and shame. But now, He cries out in victory.

*Throughout history, certain battle cries have become famous. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, their battle cry was ''Tora, tora, tora!'' Patriotic Texans like to remind one another to ''Remember the Alamo.'' When you go to Israel today, they will take you up to a mountaintop fortress known as Masada, where on thousand Jewish zealots lost their lives defending themselves against Roman occupation. They train Israeli soldiers there, telling them, ''Remember Masada.'' When SEAL Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden, they radioed the White House saying, ''For God and country, I pass Geronimo, Geronimo E.K.I.A.'' (enemy killed in action). Still today, when a soldier performs his duties and fulfills his objective he says, ''Mission Accomplished.'' And who can forget the classic movie, Rocky II when Rocky Balboa defeats Apollo Creed and cries out ''Adriaaaaaaan!''*

But this cry of victory from the cross was the greatest and most far-reaching battle cry ever heard in history, one that the Son of God spoke as he hung on that Roman cross 2000 years ago: ''It is finished!''

Three words in English, ''It is finished!'' One word in Greek, tetelestai. The word may be unfamiliar to us, but it was used by various people in everyday life in those days. A servant would use it when reporting to his master, ''I have completed the work assigned to me.'' When a priest examin ...

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