by Jerry Vines

I Thessalonians 2:17-20
Jerry Vines

When I started through this second chapter of I Thessalonians I thought I would just bring
a couple of messages and move on, but as I got into them and started really studying what he was
talking about here, it became so rich and so helpful for my own personal life I thought it would be
a blessing to you also. So we have slowed down and are spending some time on just a few verses
of Scripture.
The second chaper is one of the most imtimate and deeply personla of all of the chapters of
the Bible. It's as if the Apostle Paul just opens up his heart and shares his deepest emotions with
these people in Thessalonica whom he had won to faith in Jesus Christ. There's always a special
relationship between a person who leads a soul to Christ and that individual. There's always a special
relationship on your part to someone who has led you to faith in tyhe Lord Jesus.
In the midst of that closeness and intimacy, the Apostle Paul is also dealing with some of his
enemies who are trying to attack him and cast dispursions upon his genuineness and his sincerity. So,
you really find in this second chapter Paul answering some of the attacks and accusations that had
been made agains him. That's why he begins the chapter by talking about his mission and the fact that
God had sent him to them when he came. Then he gives us a discussion about his motives. No one
knows the motives of a person but God. We look at people and we see them do certain things but
we really don't know what the motivation of their hearts are. As the Bible says, "Man looketh on the
outward appearance, but God looketh on the heart." So, Paul shares the motives of his life and why
he did what he did, and the sincerity and the purity of those motives. He also talks about how ...

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