by Jim Perdue

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Philippians - Priority Mail from the Pen of Paul (1 of 16)
Series: Philippians
Jim Perdue
Philippians 1:1-2

READ TEXT *Illustration of receiving a letter. You see the ''To,'' the ''From,'' and the contents of the letter. Notice the difference between junk mail and a love letter. Use letter from the Lamberts.*

Paul shows us the ''return address'' very early in this letter. It came from Paul and Timothy. We see the address of the sender as well, ''To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi.'' And we see the content of the letter also, ''grace and peace.''

Philippians 1:1-2 serves as the introduction to the letter written from Paul to the church at Philippi. Over and over again through this letter Paul expresses his sincere affection for the believers in Philippi. The bond of love between Paul and the Philippian believers may have been stronger than the one he had with any other church.

You can read in Acts 16 how the church at Philippi had its beginning with the conversion of Lydia, the seller of purple, and the conversion of the Philippians Jailer and his family.

The theme of this book can be summarized in one word - rejoice. This theme is reiterated in the key verse of the entire letter. In Phil. 4:4 Paul writes ''rejoice in the Lord always again I will say rejoice.'' But before we can read and study this letter of love, we need to learn about the person who sent it, the group who received it, and the God who inspired it.

Through the text of this Scripture several characteristics are revealed about the letter itself. The first characteristic we see is that…

The letter was written by the servant of God: 1a


''Paul and Timothy, bondservants of Christ Jesus…'' Of course, we know Paul as the one who wrote 13 books in the New Testament. We know Paul as the one who was dramatically converted on the Road to Damascus. We know Paul as the one who was arguably the greatest New Testament believer to ever walk the face ...

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