by Jim Perdue

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Living for Christ (5 of 16)
Series: Philippians
Jim Perdue
Philippians 1:21-30

*What are you living for? What is the driving force behind your life? What makes all the struggles of life worthwhile and the pain bearable? So many people live for so many different things. Some live for fame, fortune, pleasure and popularity. Some live for the spotlight; some live for themselves; some devote their lives to noble causes such as defending the defenseless, helping the poor and fighting for those less fortunate. Others seem to be floating through life embracing a purposeless existence. But in every situation and circumstance, there is one truth that consistently shines through; a life without Christ is a life that is devoid of purpose and meaning. Without Christ there are no answers to your deepest questions. Without Christ there is no reason for anything that exists. Without Christ there is no remedy for the pain of death. And without Christ, there is no hope beyond the grave.*

How can I live for Christ? Or, more importantly, how can I allow Christ to live through me? READ TEXT In Philippians 1:21-30 Paul reveals several elements necessary in order to live for Christ. If our desire is truly to live for Christ in every aspect of our life, then we will allow God to create and form these elements in our lives.

A proper perspective about life: 21-23


To put it plainly, Paul had a proper perspective about life. He understood what the New Testament writer James described in his letter, that life is ''a vapor'' that vanishes quickly. In fact, Paul realized that his one and only goal in life was to honor and glorify Christ. He says here in this passage, ''for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.''

Paul knew that if God allowed him to live, he would continue to serve Him. He also knew that dying would be gain because then he would be in God's presence. What an amazing statement! For the believer, death is not something to be feared. Death ...

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